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Mary Niker

Mary Niker Yoga Teacher

Mary Niker is a very experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher. She teaches classes in the Thames Valley and has recently returned from an extensive course in India.

She has studied yoga for over 20 years and been trained by many of senior teachers in the UK. Mary is dedicated to teaching Yoga with care and respect. As well as teaching yoga, Mary also practices mindfulness and offers different types of massage, including oncology massage, in her home area.

Mary Niker at Kailasam Yoga

Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed on this yoga fortnight. Growth and learning is encouraged at the pace you feel most comfortable with.

“Through the practice of Iyengar Yoga we can not only combat stress, but achieve positive mental, spiritual and physical growth.”

You can expect Mary’s class to start with a quiet few moments of preparation. The holiday will begin with standing poses to build strength, stability and stamina so that you feel comfortable to move on with your practice.

With Mary’s guidance you will learn the fundamentals of how to adjust and align your body correctly – this emphasis on body alignment is what makes Iyengar Yoga profoundly different from other yoga practices. The practice will then focus on specific postures for that day such as more standing postures, inverted postures, back bends, recuperative postures or breathing exercises called pranayama.

The afternoon classes will be recuperative and re-energising.

Students will often tell Mary that they walk away from her classes feeling taller, straighter & full of energy in spite of having worked hard. They also say that they can sleep better, are more self-confident and feel more at peace.

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Mary Niker is at Kailasam Yoga January 15 – January 28 2023