Ayurvedic treatment at Kailasam Yoga

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, (pronounced I-yer-vay-da) is the traditional healing system of India. It is a holistic and natural approach, over 5000 years old, using plants and herbs, specially blended oils and herbal medicines.

Ayurveda, The Science of Life’, tells us that every healthy person has a unique constitution made up of three energies or doshas in specific individual quantities: Kapha (earth and water), Pitta (fire and water) and Vata (space and air).
When these energies become unbalanced, due to lifestyle, stress, etc., we experience ‘dis-ease’ and poor health. Ayurveda addresses this through massage, treatments, medicines and advice on exercise, lifestyle and diet to bring the doshas into balance so that you feel a renewed sense of health and well-being.

Churnam Khizi massage at Kailasam Yoga

Unwind with Churnam Khizi Treatment

Authentic Ayurvedic treatments and massage

Here at Kailasam we offer Ayurvedic massages, and Ayurvedic treatments, as the perfect complementary therapies for yoga.

The ‘treatments’ are like an extra health-enhancing step that will go deeper than simple massage. The treatments will help virtually any physical disease by balancing the energies and rejuvenating the body, normalising weight, boosting the immune system and the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

They are extremely effective for treating back, neck and joint pain, stress, trapped nerves, poor circulation, obesity, skin complaints, stiff joints and tension, insomnia, depression and other disorders.

Many thanks for the fantastic massages – they energized and soothed my tired muscles and spirit.  Kari, Romania

Because you are on a yoga holiday, we avoid very intense treatments that could exhaust you, instead tailoring our programme to compliment your holiday and send you home feeling fantastic.

Rajendra Kumar, experienced ayurvedic healer

Rajendra and Rani - ayurvedic therapists at Kailasam Yoga

Rajendra and Rani at Kailasam

We have our own treatment rooms on site, run by Rajendra Kumar, a very experienced Ayurvedic therapist. He is assisted by Rani who has been working at Kailasam for several years.

Together they offer ayurvedic massages and treatments to provide their own brand of enjoyable, highly effective and individual holistic therapies.

If you were to invest in a full programme of massage and treatments during your two-week stay, you should budget about £220 (€270, $300, AUD400). The exact amount will depend on current exchange rates and the individual programme Rajendra recommends for you.
We are sorry but we can’t accept credit cards – please pay in Indian Rupees (₹). Depending on exchange rates, full body massage is approximately £15 (€17, US$19, AUD25).

Healing Holistic Treatments at Kailasam


  • Full Body Massage – including Indian Head Massage Rs1200, 1 hour
    Traditional Kerala massage is famous all over the world for stress-relief and rejuvenation as well as improving circulation and relieving joint and muscle pain. After several massages you will feel more youthful, with smooth and beautiful skin, improved flexibility, strength and muscle tone.
  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Rs700, ½ hour
    Relieves stress and tension, which can build up through driving, computer work or just through the everyday tensions of life.
  • Uzhichil Rs1500, 1 hour Unique traditional treatment where the whole body is massaged by the foot. It balances the energy centres, and nourishes the tissues. It is a good treatment for insomnia, hypertension, headache and travel stress.

Feel so relaxed after all the wonderful massages – the best I’ve ever had in my life. Feel really blessed to have experienced this! Thank you. Angela, Melbourne, Australia

Ayurvedic treaments

  • ‘Shiro dhara’ with Massage RS2700, 1 hour 40 minutes

    Relax with Shiro dhara

    A treatment for mind, body and soul. A profoundly relaxing experience where a special warm oil is rhymically poured across the forehead to produce a deeply relaxing and comforting state. Perfect for relieving mental stress and tension, this treatment induces a state of calm and harmony, and promotes healthy sleep. By calming the mind, ‘shiro dhara’ allows you access to your unconscious which can be positively life-changing.Included in this treatment is a full body relaxing massage to enhance the depth of the experience.

  • Khizi with Massage RS2700, 1 hour 40 minutes
    This is an excellent therapy for the body, relieving arthritis, body pain and healing old injuries. A warm poultice of powdered or fresh herbs is applied to the whole body, with special emphasis given to areas of pain or stiffness. The warm poultice feels comforting as well as giving a gentle exfoliation to the skin.‘Kizhi’ (pronounced kiree) is also a very powerful technique for helping the body to eliminate toxins, which will reduce water retention, help you to loose weight and gain vitality.This treatment includes a stimulating full body massage before the warm poltice is applied.

    Rajendra is a skilled Ayurvedic practitioner with a wonderful empathetic and caring approach. I felt rejuvenated in both mind and body which has continued since my return home. My advice: seek him out!

    Maroulla, Sports Massage Therapist, London