diana shipp

Diana Shipp Yoga Teacher

Diana Shipp Yoga Teacher

Diana, the owner of Kailasam Yoga in Kerala, has a teaching diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga (Norfolk, England). She also studied at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala, gaining a further teaching diploma in January 2000.

She has been teaching yoga for over 25 years, and now specializes in leading holidays and retreats in different parts of the world.

An experienced and well-qualified teacher, Diana is both down-to-earth and imaginative as well as flexible in her teaching. Although you may feel challenged during her classes, Diana’s belief is that yoga is not about achieving gymnastic-style postures, but about going deeper into postures and developing awareness, feeling the effects on your own body and mind. Her teaching is all about using the body to still the mind – like all traditional Hatha Yoga.

She has many techniques to help you realise and experience this awareness, discover who you really are, and find inner peace. In her classes you can expect a mixture of limbering, use of breath during static and flowing posture work, prananyama (controlling the body’s energies through breathing techniques), meditation, visualization and relaxation.

Diana Shipp at Kailasam Yoga and in the UK/Europe

Diana is happy to welcome people with all levels of experience to her classes – from beginners to yoga teachers.

When students tell her that they have never experienced such deep relaxations, Diana attributes this to her additional training in hypnotherapy and her interest in the spiritual dimension of life.

Diana is teaching in Kerala at Kailasam January 20 – 2 February 2019  £945 sharing, £1210 single and £1295 superior single

Diana is also leading a weekend retreat in Oxfordshire, UK 7 – 9th June  2019   and a three-day mid week retreat in July  at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire 16 – 19 July 2019

A week of yoga in the wonderful Almeria Retreat in Spain from 31st August – 7th September 2019.

email: diana@kailasamyoga.co.uk