Charlotte Huggins

Charlotte Huggins Yoga Teacher


Charlotte Huggins Yoga Teacher

Charlotte Huggins qualified in 2004 with the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching yoga for 15 years. Since that time she has continued her studies with many different teachers and traditions.

Charlotte’s classes are fun, inclusive and suitable for everyone from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. She has a particular interest in yoga as a therapeutic tool for achieving wellness on every level. Her belief is that yoga is a wonderful way of integrating every aspect of ourselves in order to find mental and physical wellbeing.

With a wealth of experience in teaching people from many walks of life, she believes that there is a style of yoga to suit each body on any occasion. For instance, sometimes we are in need of an invigorating and stimulating practise and at other times we are in need of slowing things down and restoring our energies. Yoga can be likened to a large tool box and part of the skill of the teacher is in choosing the right tool.

Yoga for wellness

Charlotte is fascinated by yoga philosophy and studies the classic texts. She believes these ancient texts offer models to help us navigate our way through contemporary life and all its challenges. She likes to weave philosophical content into her classes in a subtle way, acknowledging the wisdom of the ancient yogis. In each class, Charlotte teaches a range of asanas, to work through the various joints and muscles. She focuses on guiding students towards strengthening their bodies and improving mobility. In this way they can discover optimal functioning in their every day activities. She also encourages students to observe sensation in their bodies and mind so that they can practise mindfully and become more aware.

In each of Charlotte’s classes there is also a breathing practise and a relaxation.

Charlotte loves India and has been a guest at Kailasam several times. She is excited to be returning as a teacher.

Charlotte will be teaching at Kailasam from 8 – 18 January 2024 

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