Will I get ill?

We sincerely hope not! If you drink bottled water and eat freshly cooked food you should be fine. Kerala seems to be much safer than North India for stomach upsets – and because you will be staying in one place, rather than exhausting yourself with lengthy travels, you are also more likely to stay well. Some guests like to take pro-biotics before they travel and during their holiday.

If you are unlucky enough to get sick, or have diarrhoea, it’s important to avoid dehydration, by taking re-hydration salts (available in chemist shops before you leave home, and in Kerala). Coconut water is also a good preventative for dehydration, and there are several simple but effective local remedies, which we can provide.

But please don’t worry – most people feel better as they relax in the sunshine of Kovalam than they do at home.